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jesus is magic. i love

jesus is magic.
i love ms. silverman.
quiet depravity: the demure outrages of a standup comic |

post it. this only takes

post it.
this only takes a min, so do it.
breast cancer awareness |

bid you a fond adu.

bid you a fond adu.
it was a bummer not seeing him play against the fire friday night.
adu’s disenchantment grows |

don’t stop believin’. remixed by

don’t stop believin’.
remixed by the hitmaker. go sox!
don’t stop believin’ (hitmaker vs. journey) |

go sox! southside booooeyy. the

go sox!
southside booooeyy.
the white sox: go ahead, ignore us |

friday fun. all of us

friday fun.
all of us at lancewaxer do not condone listening to the backstreet boys, but this is funny.
vid: i want it that way |

timmay. i need to start

i need to start watching this again.
those boys are back, as timely as ever |