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the captain. should have the

the captain.
should have the opportunity to go out the right way. | mitch albom: yzerman deserves a chance to finish


411. pretty cool in theory.

pretty cool in theory. | google gears up for a free-phone challenge to bt

decrypt it up! now if

decrypt it up!
now if i could only get the damn software update. | tivo to go mpeg2 decrypting

gaydar. insanity! thanks, ba.

insanity! thanks, ba. | us military pondered love not war

ding. i’m pitching something.

i’m pitching something. | page 3: anna benson pitches her own series

got craigslist? all of us

got craigslist?
all of us at lancewaxer love the “best-of-craigslist.” | craigslist circles the globe with online classifieds, one city at a time

mommy. pretty amusing op-ed by

pretty amusing op-ed by maureen dowd. | men just want mommy