for those in the know. ya know.


obama love.

goes national. again.
time has obama covered |

bill of (one) right.

what a nosedive this country has taken with bush in office.

olbermann on the murder of habeus corpus |


to rethink our position.
newsweek: europe just says maybe |
marijuana’s key ingredient might fight alzheimer’s |

president obama.

i can’t wait till we have this man in the white house.

remarks of senator barack obama on the military commission legislation |

in defense of president clinton.

ko tells it like it is.

president bush: are yours the actions of a true american? |

5 years.

interesting point of view.

think again: 9/11 |

what if?

our intelligence community is a botch.

9/11: missed opportunities |

booze and cigs.

when are we going to smarten up?

drug classification rethink urged |

no clue.

on my last couple flights, i’ve had to be ‘cleared’ for takeoff. what the f?

marshals: innocent people placed on ‘watch list’ to meet quota |

september 11.

some good points here.

newsweek: debunking the myth of al qaeda |

americans love top 10’s.

d.a.r.e. to think outside the box.

the top 10 things i know about drugs |

more suv’s please.

get married. have kids. buy an suv. repeat.

the gas price fix congress won’t touch |

read between the lines.

the elfman runs it down.

did media miss real colbert story? |

daily kos-ette.

23 years old, and she’s a political force.

who is georgia10? |

voting in the u.s.

pretty interesting read.
20 amazing facts about voting in the united states |

quite a verdict.

we at lancewaxer love the judicial process.
judge: web-surfing worker can’t be fired |


ooooh, alberto.

gonzales calls for mandatory web labeling law | cnet

weed kills.

you know that’s what they really wanted to say.
f.d.a. dismisses medical benefit from marijuana |

dubya: worst president.

the worst president in history? |

driving with your knees.

everybody does it.
restrictions on cellphone use while driving gain traction |

book it, dano.

oh, rummy. just quit already.
graphic: generals in opposition |

tsk tsk.

too bad the video of this blows. (it’s on the right hand side of the screen at the top, and you need to use internet explorer)
member of audience scolds president bush |

smoking e-mail.

why don’t the major media outlets cover this stuff? thanks, joe.
details emerge in latest plame e-mails |

when the levee breaks.

time to put on some zeppelin.

documents: white house knew about levees |