for those in the know. ya know.


fun with ads.

i love the blood ad.

amazing advertisements |

friday fun.

i just laughed my ass off.

letterman: frank caliendo as john madden – january 24, 2007 |

tivo alert.

must tivo ‘late show with david letterman‘ tonight.
dave’s 25 years of bringing the funny |
download dave’s 25th anniversary timeline |

milhouse: the handicapper.

go cowboys!

nfl picks from the simpsons: milhouse & dad pick week 15 |

a sucker is born every minute.

borat’s funny up to a point. ya know what i mean?

how’d they get people to be in the borat movie? |

get your war on.

check out the latest one on foley.
get your war on: page 58 |

tivo alert.

the office returns tonight.

the office: season premiere |
french and german remakes of the bbc’s office |

honesty is the best policy.

i’d fly this airline.

welcome aboard |

grape ouch.

people hurting themselves can be funny.

grape stomp |

it could mother f’n happen.

believe that.

the daily show investigates snakes on a plane |

damn you dark chocolate.

friday fun. thanks, amber.
man survives chocolate ordeal |

friday fun.

feel the love.

america we stand as one |

stars and stripes.

interesting tidbit about betsey ross.

wikipedia celebrates 750 years of american independence |


ricky kicks ass.

ricky gervais explains the bible |


hilarious stuff.

be an expert on anything |


it’s all about perspective.

zidane headbutt outrage: new video evidence |


i would have shat myself watching this live.

news 14 carolina gets pwnt |

talk about what you know.

keep in mind, he is from georgia.

lynn westmoreland on the colbert report |

star wars parody.

robot chicken does some funny stuff. thanks, joe.

robot chicken |

cold call.

fun with telemarketing calls.

top 5 things to do when a telemarketer calls |

friday fun.

i love when bushie practices his ‘love’ on the english language.

bushisms |



gervais’ brokeback mountain.

who doesn’t love karl pilkington?

vid: the ricky gervais show |

pronounced – coal bear.

my man colbert has the spotlight on him big time.

60 minutes: the colbert report |


ignoring colbert, part two |
vid: colbert at white house correspondents’ dinner |