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Digital Lifestyle

quit your day job.

focus on your craft.
‘internet labourer’ spends every day on a surfing safari |


8 megapixel seems plenty to me.

more megapixels, better photos: fact or fiction? |

what’s an address bar?

it’s amazing how many people have no idea.
why "yahoo" is the #1 search term on google and why website owners shouldn’t rely on search engines alone |

amazon prime.

if you buy stuff from amazon, i implore you to sign up. best investment i made all last year.

amazon prime sign-up |

goodbye 40 hour work week.

i wish my company embraced this concept.

best buy smashes the clock |

better google searches.

here’s how.
ten tips for smarter google searches |

that’s hot.

i love reviewing 2006 with two months still remaining.

a look back at the buzz of 2006 |


viacom comes to an understanding with youtube. let’s see how long it lasts.

youtube’s comedy compromise |

writings on the wall.

i can’t write for sh*t these days.

cursive writing becomes passé |


unadulterated pleasure.

google to buy youtube for $1.65 billion | cnet

list it up.

i have quite a few of these bookmarked already. pc mag got nothing on me.

pc magazine’s top 99 undiscovered web sites |

hack the world.

i hate flying southwest.

changing a southwest boarding pass |


is the loneliest number.

what is the 1% rule? |

netflix anonymous.

i’m so guilty of this.

newsweek: a netflix hangover |

muy gordo.

tres interesante.

why we’re fatter – five reasons you haven’t thought of |

pay attention chicago.

free always seems to attract.

what if they built an urban wireless network and hardly anyone used it? |


dig it.

google browser sync |

cta widget.

fun with yahoo widgets.

cta alerts widget |

dual monitors.

i currently run 3 monitors.
the virtues of a second screen |

porn: on the cutting edge

porn industry again at the tech forefront |