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Current Affairs

sign of the times.

sad times indeed.
jobless man asks judge for jail time |


to rethink our position.
newsweek: europe just says maybe |
marijuana’s key ingredient might fight alzheimer’s |

he said. she said.

figure out what your partner wants in le bedroom.

sex secrets revealed |

f*cked up.

this is one messed up story.

daddy’s girl |

i hate my scale.

anyone who is trying to lose weight should read this.

exercise = weight loss, except when it doesn’t |

morning after pill

about time.

fda eases limits on plan b sales |

when the levitt breaks.

two univ. of chicago professors go at it.

the shootout |


scary stuff.

analysis: plot may have been 9/11 sequel |

the 411.

we at lancewaxer love our tmz.

the scoop on the scoop |

that’s support for ya.

what a country.

rally for lebanon |


a rooftop oasis.

so f’n cool.

a porch and flowering meadow, 6 floors up |


learn it. know it. live it.

how to lose the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ from your speech |

it’s a living.

i rarely contribute.

how much money do beggars make? |

that’s hot.

very interesting read.

anti-war slogan coined, repurposed and googlewashed… in 42 days |

tap it up.

no more 900 numbers for me.

at&t rewrites rules: your data isn’t yours |


who’d a thought?

fema funds spent on divorce, sex change |

tsk tsk.

honestly, i went through hazing in college, and i lived.
on the web, college athletes acting badly |

politically incorrect.

can’t we all just get along?
the s-word |

porn alert.

damn activists.
porn causes brain damage: so say the activists, and that’s good enough for abc news |

who needs the old.

when the new is oh so good.
i’m canceling my new york times subscription – why you should, too |

terror alert.

more uplifting stuff.
new al qaeda leader planning attack against u.s. |