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fun with video. the rnc

fun with video.
the rnc starts today. | daily show – important report from ed helms
und | daily show – an interview with maureen dowd

got sundance? here’s another reason

got sundance?
here’s another reason to get it. | franken brings a message to nyc and to the media

snoochie boochie. ding dong.

snoochie boochie.
ding dong. | ten years after original, kevin smith plans ‘clerks’ sequel

what happened to the catsuit?

what happened to the catsuit?
nothing can top that. | page 3 – serena might want to rethink her outfit

f it dude. let’s go

f it dude.
let’s go bowling. | kingpin

what ever happened to blue?

what ever happened to blue?
food for thought. | op-ed: how long can the country stay scared?

punk’d. with ali g, bank

with ali g, bank on it. | aiming high