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must see tv. tonight.

must see tv.
tonight. | seriously: kerry on comedy central

it’s back, baby. amen.

it’s back, baby.
amen. | bugmenot gets booted, restored

let’s make a deal. before

let’s make a deal.
before you buy anything tech related, make sure you come here first. | targeting the best deals in tech

those aren’t pillows. if you

those aren’t pillows.
if you know what i’m saying. | beach party!

q & a. with the

q & a.
with the ultimate ui guru. | developer spotlight: jakob nielsen

new frontier. pretty interesting read.

new frontier.
pretty interesting read. | hdtv, dvd, hard drives and the future

you go girl(s). i’m gonna

you go girl(s).
i’m gonna have to check this game out tonight on the old tivo. | u.s. soccer slips past germany in ot

dismantle it up. might be

dismantle it up.
might be a good idea. | senator proposes breaking up cia

junk mail. that’s the majority

junk mail.
that’s the majority of what i get in my personal e-mail accounts.
cnet | stopping spam at the source

kick ass. this is big.

kick ass.
this is big. | p2p services in the clear

puzzling? i think so.

i think so. | why puerto rico has its own team – how the insular territory made it to athens

worth purchasing? maybe. |

worth purchasing?
maybe. | t-mobile sidekick ii review: best phone i’ll never buy

what’s next? we’ll find out.

what’s next?
we’ll find out. | i, cringely: google, finally a public company, faces huge challenges

happy happy. joy joy. thanks,

happy happy.
joy joy. thanks, ray. | dungeons and dragons turns 30

the real story. you know

the real story.
you know this is how it goes down. thanks, elizabeth. | transcripts of onstar service conversations not selected for commercials

viral it up. who’s with

viral it up.
who’s with me? | making free ipods pay off

what to buy? confused about

what to buy?
confused about the whole hdtv thang? read on. | hdtv basics explained

outsource. the war on terror.

the war on terror. this link requires a subscription, so if you aren’t a salon subscriber, all ya gotta do is watch a brief ad and get a free day pass. | subcontracting the hunt for bin laden

rule number one. know your

rule number one.
know your enemy. | bill o’reilly: mad dog

don’t believe the hype. mainstream

don’t believe the hype.
mainstream media sucks ass. | video: daily show debunks the shrub’s attempt at debunking kerry’s purple hearts

fine line. interesting read.

fine line.
interesting read. | does web information help terrorists?

politically incorrect. but right on

politically incorrect.
but right on the money. | bush blew it the morning of 9/11

no wonder. bush thinks he’s

no wonder.
bush thinks he’s qualified. | video: goss speaking about getting a job in the cia

top 10. go tivo!

top 10.
go tivo! | ten things that microsoft and tivo must each do to win the living room