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they’re the worst. killing a kid over a jersey?
iverson did what he could do |

my best friends return.

i loves me some amanda.

vlogger signs with abc, hbo |


what a loss.

60 minutes’ ed bradley dead at 65, veteran cbs news correspondent succumbs to leukemia |


i’m as happy as a little girl.

gop says rumsfeld is stepping down |


tivo, you know i love ya, but seriously, stop f’n your customers!

tivo raises rates, limits wpa to own wifi adaptor |

indecision 2006.

what a fun threesome.

dan rather to ‘play it straight’ on comedy central tonight |

a sucker is born every minute.

borat’s funny up to a point. ya know what i mean?

how’d they get people to be in the borat movie? |